2 Steps to Change Facebook Page Name

How to Change Your Facebook Page Name

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You want to modify your company’s Facebook name? It occurs. Change Facebook page name in 1 minute.

It used to be quite hard to do so, but using Facebook’s latest modifications, it truly takes just about four measures to modify your FB title and URL.

1. Click on About

While viewing your webpage as an admin, then click the About tab at the top left side of the webpage, then click on Edit. That is right alongside your page’s recent name.

how to change page name in facebook

2. Edit It

When you’ve clicked to the Account Name box, then enter your webpage’s name.

Make sure Your new name does not violate any of those Facebook naming dos and don’ts:

  • Do not use any variant of”Facebook” on your title.
  • Do not include your business motto on your title.
  • Do not use arbitrary capitalization that will make your faculty teacher cringe.
  • Can be special with your title.
  • Can avoid misleading phrases or phrases.
  • Do not select words which could be discriminatory, breaking up, or violent.

how to change facebook page name

3. Submit It

If you do not find this choice, double-check to be certain you’re listed as a webpage admin. Other page functions are unable to alter Facebook page titles.

If you are an admin and you still do not observe the Proceed alternative, double-check to ensure someone did not attempt to change the name over a previous couple of days.

There’s not any limitation to how often it is possible to change your webpage’s title, as long as these modifications are spaced about seven times apart.

4. Sit Tight

Altering your page title did not do the job? There might be a couple of reasons for this:

If This Doesn’t Work

  • You did not wait long.
  • Your webpage was flagged for not after Facebook page coverages. Frequent breaches include not after the Facebook page title rules or utilizing spammy tactics to acquire enjoys.
  • In case Facebook is suspicious, it might suspend your webpage, so you would not have the ability to edit your page title.
  • Your webpage has too many enjoy. If your webpage has over 200 enjoys, then you need to be an admin to modify your FB page title.
  • Limits from the Facebook world are not always bad! They could vary in the simple fact that you or the other admin attempted to alter your webpage fewer than seven days past to Facebook suspending your webpage for questionable activity.

If not one of these reasons appears to match your position, go ahead and apply an appeal to modify your page title by filling out this form!

When you have successfully changed your FB page title, what’s going to occur when people search to your previous page title?

You still want people to locate your webpage, but you realize that not everybody will know you have upgraded the title.

We really did not know for certain what would occur in this situation, so we achieved into the origin.

A Facebook representative affirmed the following: if someone types your older Facebook page title from the search bar, your previous page title will still appear.

When the individual clicks on the link to your webpage, they’ll be instructed to your own”fresh” page using the updated title.

Remember that more than lookup engines will learn your upgraded Facebook page title and start to reveal the updated title more in search results.

How to Change Facebook Business Page Name