SEO Smart Links Plugin Review

SEO Smart Links – On the lookout for a way to better your WordPress website and perform well concerning a search engine such as google, Yahoo, and Bing? Then what you want is a plugin that’s designed only to do that. SEO Smart Link Premium to your WordPress includes many features that can allow you to reach this. This informative article will explore this plugin for WordPress blogs and sites.


  • The plugin may auto hyperlink SEO keywords and phrases on your site based on webpages, articles, and even groups. Looking from a search engine optimization standpoint, it assists in maintaining the anchor text undamaged.
  • Nofollow tags have been inserted to external links and may open in another tab or window. It is possible to whitelist the registration of this domain name you do not need your connection to become nofollow and you’re able to keep hyperlinks as nofollow for the remainder of the auto-linked external domain name.
  • It allows you to restrict the number of links created by this plugin per article.
  • It is possible to restrict the number of links created by specific keywords.
  • Among the greatest features of this SEO Smart Links Premium plugin is automatic interlinking that mechanically interlinks tags, articles, or categories.
  • The plugin creates many SEO internal hyperlinks for your site pages; this is going to lead to a higher position for all these pages on Google and even other search engines.
  • It is a favorite search engine optimization online plugin for many professional bloggers because it’s an integrated caching system. It will not slow traffic down, which is critical to any blogger on shared hosting.
  • This plugin allows you to auto-link a specified text into a URL to a WordPress, which is going to help you in receiving good internal linking to any keyword on your own site.
  • Affiliate marketers may definitely gain from this plugin as it can generate affiliate links mechanically and include features like New Window and Nofollow.

This is an important plugin for WordPress, and it’ll work for any concentrated blogger.

Aside from that, you may add nofollow the hyperlink to this linking, which assists your SEO. Whenever you do so you improve your earnings and affiliate links without even automatically hampering your site SEO.

This is useful as it permits you to export and import your additional links and keywords everywhere. If you’re running many sites, this will work as a backup; you could take advantage of this attribute to set the search engine optimization keywords automobile linking on multiple sites.

This attribute for SEO Smart Link plugin allows you to associate the connection with any other word. This is carried out by scanning your whole blog for this keyword and connect it mechanically to a specified connection. It may also process mechanically all of your future articles for that phrase and link. Utilize this attribute for it will really boost your website search engine ranks.


Setup of the plugin is actually quick and simple. This is a systematic process for the setup of the plugin into your WordPress plugin directory.

Step 1
You may begin by visiting WordPress plugin segment in your WordPress admin panel and then click on Insert fresh.

Step 2

Search for SEO Smart Link. The results should be SEO Smart Link plugin.

Step 3
Select Install now and activate

Step 4
Browse for customization out of placing – SEO Smart Links.


You don’t wish to discount this plugin only because it appears pricey at $149 because it’s wholly worthwhile by being accessible two permits. If you’re starting out as a blogger, and your site isn’t so established, you can begin with utilizing personal licenses as you don’t have a lot of traffic on your site. Using this edition of top traffic tends to lower its functionality.

The company version is appropriate for people who provide WordPress services. It’s built for heavy site traffic and offers you an opportunity to install it on all of your multiple websites alongside the customer’s websites.


  • This makes it easier for audiences to share articles
  • There Isn’t Any threat of losing any Search Engine Optimization
  • Click monitoring
  • Supply custom editing of hyperlinks
  • It enables domain registration


  • With bogus news rising, it’s getting difficult for visitors to trust links that are shortened. This may lead to fewer clicks.
  • A shortened URL can send the viewer to 2 or more redirects hence causing them to a competitor.


This plugin, in comparison to other interlinking plugins, is your very best SEO tool. With its numerous features like customization of keywords, automatic linking, exports and import, along with other incredible attributes, there isn’t any doubt that you’re likely to enjoy it.