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We as SEO Training in Bhopal, offer SEO course in Bhopal with an opportunity to work live projects.

Our Digital Marketing Training in Bhopal is given by SEO experts. our training program covers digital marketing and SEO, social media, google analytics, youtube marketing.

seo is the process of optimizing a website for Google search with the goal of earning higher web traffic levels and improving the visibility of the site.

seo training in bhopal can be extremely beneficial for businesses and individuals who want to learn seo and implement it effectively. seo courses cover a wide range of topics, from keyword research to link building, and can give students the skills and knowledge they need to improve their website’s ranking in search results.

In addition, seo training can also help students understand how to use other digital marketing tools, such as pay-per-click advertising, to compliment their seo efforts.

Whether you’re looking to take your first steps in seo or you’re a seasoned pro, seo training in bhopal can help you reach your goals.


The digital marketing course is open to anyone who wants to learn more about seo and how to optimize their website for better results.

Whether you’re a small business owner, a web designer, or just someone who’s interested in seo, this course will teach you the basics of how to improve your website’s ranking in search engines.

The course covers topics such as keyword research, link building, and content optimization.

By the end of the course, you’ll have a better understanding of how seo works and how you can use it to improve your website’s visibility.

Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing

A career in digital marketing can be very rewarding. With the right skills and experience, you can land a job at a top company or start your own successful agency.

Digital marketing is a broad field, but some of the most popular sub-fields include content marketing, seo, and social media marketing.

Content marketers create and curate content for their audience, seo specialists help clients improve their search engine ranking, and social media marketers develop strategies for engaging with customers on social platforms.

There are many other exciting career opportunities in digital marketing training in bhopal, so if you’re passionate about this field, be sure to explore all the options available to you. With hard work and dedication, you can find a career in digital marketing that’s both fulfilling and profitable.

Our Module

Digital Marketing Training

We start course from digital marketing overview, fundamentals, complete modules covered in course.

Web Designing

We will teach you how to do website planning and designing on wordpress platform used by 33% business worldwide.

Search Engine Optimization

In this module we will teach you search engine marketing techniques both On page & Off page SEO.

Search Engine Marketing

In this module we will teach you about search engine marketing techniques and platform to reach maximum audience.

PPC Advertising

In this topic you will learn to create text ads, display ads, shopping ads, video ads and pay per click.

Google Analytics

In this lesson you will get knowledge of google analytics to track website visitors and audience behaviour.

Social Media Marketing

In this lesson you will learn to create social media marketing ads like facebook, instagram, twitter and linkedin ads.

Display Advertising

In this module we will teach you how to create display ads like image ads, video ads, responsive display ads.

Video Marketing

In this lesson you will get knowledge of video marketing through various platforms available like youtube marketing

Online Reputation Management

In this lesson you will get knowledge of online reputation management means creating brand value among audience.

Content Marketing

In this module you will learn about content marketing strategies to promote content in various form like text, image & Video.

Return on Investment

In this lesson you know about how to return on investment because it's main thing in the last to return from investment

Affiliate Marketing

In this module you will get to learn about affiliate marketing. how you can earn through promoting product and services.

Mobile Marketing

In this module you will get knowledge of mobile marketing techniques like bulk sms and banner ads.

E commerce Marketing

In this topic you will get knowledge of promoting products through E commerce website and Mobile App.

Email Marketing

In this topic we will teach you how to create email designing and marketing strategy to increase conversion ratio

Mobile App Marketing

In this lesson you will get knowledge about mobile App marketing to achieve maximum installation and re-engagement

Tools for Marketing

In this topic you will learn about tools available to keep eye on competitors and and strategy to make future plan using tools

Lead Generation

In this module we will teach how to create landing page to generate maximum client leads and conversion.

Google Adsense

In this topic you will get knowledge of how to earn through adsense and get approval from google quickly


In this lesson we will teach how to get projects from various platform so that you can earn from freelancing work.

Top Ranking

In this Module you will learn how to get top ranking in fastest way and stay ahead of competitors

Google My Business

In this topic we will teach you how to rank higher in local market through local marketing strategies for business.

Link Building

In this lesson you will learn how to become master in link building strategy which is most important part of seo.


Our Course Module

seo course in bhopal

Best SEO Course in Bhopal

Our SEO Course includes almost each and every topic to help you get top top rankings in search engine. 

Digital Marketing Course helps you built a career in the online world. Our digital marketing institute will help you cover the SEO training courses in Bhopal.

  • Advanced Training Material
  • 100% Practical Class
  • Live Project Training
  • 100% Placement assistance

Certifications You Will Earn

  • Google Ads Search
  • Google Ads Video
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Youtube Video Ads
  • Google Digital Garage
  • Google Digital Unlocked
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